At TRACE, we have developed and patented a blood glucose monitoring medical device based on completely different glucose sampling and measuring technology and including deep tech through AI, superseding existing technology 

Features:  ContiTRACE consist of a console unit, a sampling unit and a consumables unit.

How ContiTRACE works: The sampling unit presents a pioneer non-invasive technology. Every two minutes blood is pumped from the patient through a tube containing a semi-permeable microdialysis membrane  that only allows glucose molecules to cross the membrane, whilst blood the blood is returned to the patient. In the console unit, the software calculates with a precision of ±1 mg/dL the blood glucose level and displays the result in a very intuitive screen.

In addition, AI calculates the respective doses of glucose or insulin required to restore a safe physiological level and inform the nurse/clinician (open loop mode) or directly perform the infusion (closed loop) depending on the configured settings. Finally, the consumables unit incorporates a self-calibrating system that works with consumables sets for flushing and cleaning the conducts and with a liquid that acts as a patron for the automatic calibration of the sensor saving time and possible errors due to human activity and facilitating its use in clinical routine. Consumables last approximately 4 days. The used containers and further consumables like valves or tubes can be easily replaced without the need of special skills.

Added Value:

  1. Novel highly accurate glucose sensor based on patented technology
  2. Continuous monitoring: glucose levels calculated every 2 minutes with 20 sec. delay time
  3. Automatic calibration, limiting human intervention to the replacement of flushing and cleaning consumable sets every 8 hours
  4. Non-invasive sampling unit & does not consume patients’ blood, the luer lock connector is similar to that of haemodialysis and allows recirculation of the blood
  5. Flexible body access, it allows body access through a peripheral cannula, a central venous catheter or an arterial catheter
  6. The intelligent layer of ContiTRACE automatically calculates the patient’s blood glucose levels (precision of ±1 mg/dL) and the required insulin/glucose dose to restore to physiologically safe levels (between 70 and 130 mg/dL).


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