About Us

TRACE Analytics GmbH is a leading provider of online analysis systems for biotech/biopharma companies since 2003, focused on the development of biosensors. Our team is built by 8 professionals with 20+ years’ experience in management, sales and development of biosensors. We have built a strong network with Profil and Fresenius for clinical validation, and Sasse Elektronik for scaling up manufacturing. In the last years, TRACE has expanded their customer portfolio with large biotech companies like Sanofi-AventisPfizer and Roche (LoS).

Our technologies are succesfully applied in cell cultivations and microbial fermentations at all levels of the process chain - from research and development to large scale production. Our online analyzing systems are fulfilling the special demands of biotechnological processes enabling a fast realization of PAT and QbD strategies. Our sampling systems  are reliable interfaces to the process - independent from reactor geometry and process volume. Cell-free and cell-containing samples can be withdrawn automatically. Our international customer base is ranging from global players in the pharmaceutical industry, renowned biotech-companies to numerous universities and high-tech research organisations.


ContiTRACE is the first Blood Glucose monitoring and infusion medical device powered with AI. We have patented and clinically validated ContiTRACE in a setting with 100 ICU patients. It automatically measures glucose and lactate levels in blood every 2 minutes, alerts the doctor and nurse in case of critical glycaemic levels, suggest a treatment, and can even perform the infusion of glucose or insulin to restore to physiological safe levels upon approval of the doctor.

ContiTRACE’s key features are:

  1. highest frequency and highest precision of glucose measures
  2. no blood consumption
  3. compatibility with multiple standard body accesses
  4. allowance of infusion
  5. the clinical decision support feature brought by the AI

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